About the Show

GREG LEWIS is one of those character actors whose face you have seen a million times, but whose name you cannot quite place. The TV & film actor/comedian and Drama Logue Award-winning writer stars in his critically-acclaimed one-man show in which he amusingly reflects on his Chicago and Greek roots and his showbiz career. Lewis recounts his journey from hitting the road at the age of 15 as a harmonica player with the world-famous Jerry Murad’s “Harmonicats” and later with “The Harmonica Rascals” starring Little Johnny Puleo followed by a twenty-year partnership with his friend Gus Christy as the comedy team Lewis & Christy, “The Mad Greeks”, who performed nationwide and made numerous TV appearances on: “The Ed Sullivan Show”, “Hollywood Palace”, “The Merv Griffin Show”, and “The Mike Douglas Show”.

In this laugh-filled journey through his Chicago upbringing, family of characters, and entertainment career, Greg relates how he defied his Greek parents’ wishes by¬†escaping to show business from his behind-the-diner-counter destiny. His hilarious anecdotes and heart-touching stories of complicated family relationships are punctuated by the world-class harmonica playing that first brought him to fame six decades ago.

“Lewis is Blessed with a Proustian Memory and a Keen Sense of Comic Timing…A Congenial Host and No Mean Raconteur, Lewis Shares His Droll Memories With Humor and Generosity”–The L.A. Times